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About Us

We are a company that makes tours special, as they are centered around the customer, who has the chance to choose different tour options at each stop. Some can do a lot of different things, others can take things at a gentler tempo.

The company practices recycling, therefore it will be possible on the bus to sort rubbish for recycling. Denmark and Copenhagen want to be Green, clean places to be.

We would like our tours to be environmentally sustainable and therefore we have decided that there should be a minimum number of people on each tour to justify the use of the fuel. That’s why we also have vehicles of different sizes, so we can use the most appropriate vehicle for each journey and use fuel in the most efficient way.

All our buses pass the Danish and Swedish environmental tests.

On all our buses there will be the possibility to have wi-fi.

Enjoy your stay in Copenhagen. We look forward to seeing you on one of our tours in Denmark or Southern Sweden.

As Hans Christian Andersen said, ‘To travel is to live’.

It's always possible to come to us with suggestions for a tour and we will always try and provide new and different tours with a tour leader. We are happy to try and provide any tour that you suggest, with a start from Copenhagen.

Join the Movement: Support Environmentally Friendly Tours!

Enjoy the Tours... us!
+45 32554422

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