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It is possible to admire this attraction while on the following tours:

Royal Tour of Copenhagen

(entrance fee NOT included in the tour ticket)

not open to the public


Børsen is the 17th century stock exchange building located on the island of Slutsholmen, close to the Christiansborg palace. It is a popular tourist attraction and is most noted because of its spire that depicts four dragons with intertwining tails , reaching a height of 56 meters or 184 feet. However because the Danes probably had no idea what dragons actually looked like, if you look closely, those four dragons are actually four crocodiles that have mouse heads and huge ears.

Built by Christian IV, Børsen was meant to be a big step towards his dream of establishing Copenhagen as a center of trade and commerce in Northern Europe and it was used as a large market place in the early 1600s, some might call it the world’s oldest shopping center.

The building was restored in 1745 by Nicolai Eigtved and also renovated internally in 1855 as it became the home of the Danish stock market until 1974, in the present day it hosts the Danish Chamber of Commerce.

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