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It is not possible to enter this attraction while on our tours, as our tours only include a photo stop at this site.

You can admire this attraction (without entering) while on the following tours:

✓ Kings & Castles tour


The palace was built for King Frederik IV between 1720 and 1726. Its built in the style of an Italian country villa and took seven years to build. It was to be King Frederik IV’s ideal home, which he and his wife Queen Anna Sofie could enjoy. But tradgidy struck the King and Anna Sofie, as all their five children died before their 2nd birthday.

When Frederik IV died, his son King Christian VI, from his previous marriage to Louise of Macklenburg, evicted Anna Sofie and pulled down the wings of Fredensborg Palace, replacing them with new ones. Fredensborg became a family home when King Christian IX spent the summer months, in the palace, with Queen Louise,  their six children and their spouses, plus their 36 grandchildren. Ever since this time the Danish Royal Family have used Fredensborg as their summer palace and Queen Margrethe uses Fredensborg for 6 months each year, 3 months in the spring and 3 months in the autumn. In the summertime Crown Prince Frederik and Princess Mary come here with their children. They live in the Chancellery House.

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