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Built by King Christian IV, when finished in 1620, it was the largest renaissance residence in Scandinavia. Today Frederiksborg contains the largest collection of portrait paintings in Denmark, which are part of the Danish National Museum’s collection. In the chapel you can find a collection of Elephant Orders on the walls. The Elephant Order is the highest decoration that you can be given in Denmark. It is given to Kings and Presidents. There are also two lovely gardens. The Baroque Garden, laid out in the formal French Baroque Style and the more natural garden in English Romantic Style.

It is possible to visit this attraction while on the following tours:


Kings & Castles tour

(entrance fee NOT included in the tour ticket)

Hamlet's Excursion

(entrance fee included in the tour ticket)

75 DKK

1½ hour

Upon request, you will be provided with an audio-guide from the Castle's staff.

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