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The building of the Cathedral was begun in 1080. In 1123 the first Archbishop, Ascer, consecrated the High Altar and the Crypt. The main Cathedral building was consecrated by his successor, Archbishop Eskil, in 1145. During the 1500s, the building was restored by the stone mason Adam van Düren and his sculptured figures can be seen in several parts of the building. The Cathedral was again restored in the 1800s, first by C.G. Brunius and later by Helgo Zetterval. Further work was carried out in 1954 and 1963 by Eiler Graebe.

Among the Cathedral’s many interesting artefacts is the magnificent medieval astronomical clock, dating from 1424. This early timepiece is still in working order, with its mechanical figures marking the passage of time. In the crypt you can find the carved figure of the Giant Finn. There are also 3 rare bronze pillars, with mounted statues from around 1240. The finely carved oak quire stalls are from the 1300s. Near the Cathedral are the Cathedral Museum, Domkyrkamuseet and Historikamuseet, where you can learn about Scandinavia’s largest ever robbery.

It is possible to visit this attraction while on the following tours:

Hamlet & Sweden tour

Malmö & Lund tour

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