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With Time on Your Own!

from 700 DKK

6½ hours

Audio-guided in English, Italian and Spanish.

With free time to explore on your own.

Wi-fi on board.




Malmö is Sweden’s third largest city with a cosmopolitan population of over 331,000 people, who come from over 170 countries. Malmö is known for its many restaurants, especially on Lille Torget, which is in the heart of Malmö’s heritage area, with buildings dating back to the 1580s. See also Malmö Castle, Malmöhus, which is even older, dating back to the 1530s. At Malmöhus you can find Malmö Art Museum and Malmö Natural History Museum. On one side of Malmöhus is Kungsparken, with its sculptures and little twisting paths. At the other end of town, is Moderna Museet, Malmö’s free modern art gallery. There is also the Turning Torso, currently Sweden’s tallest inhabited building, which is 190 metres or 623 feet tall. Unfortunately we can not go up the Turning Torso.


✓ Øresund Bridge

✓ Stortorget & Lilla Torget

✓ Moderna Museet

✓ Malmöhuset

✓ Turning Torso

⚠ PLEASE REMEMBER TO BRING YOUR PASSPORTS (or ID card if you are an EU citizen) and proof of where you are staying in Denmark (for example, your hotel reservation confirmation) and your Corona/Covid Vaccination Certificate (CoronaPass/CovidPass/GreenPass)!!! ⚠

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