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It is possible to visit this attraction while on the following tours:

Royal tour of Copenhagen

free entrance


The Marble Church (Danish: Marmorkirken) was designed in 1740, in rococo style, by the Danish architect Nicolai Eigtved as a commemoration of 300 years since the first coronation of a member of the House of Oldenburg.

The building itself has a controversial story, from budget cuts and the death of Eigtved in 1754 to the Danish finance minister in 1874 being called into the Court of Impeachment (Folketing) under accusations of corruption over the deal of selling the unfinished church and square to Carl Frederik Tietgen.

Despite all the turmoil, the building of the church was funded by Tiegten and redesigned by the Danish architect Ferdinand Meldahl but due to financial restrictions the plans to build it out of marble were dropped and instead Meldahl opted to use limestone instead, the church was finally opened to the public on August 19th, 1894.

Today it is worldly renowned having the largest church dome in Scandinavia with a span of 31 meters or 102 feet. The dome sits on 12 columns and is the focal point of the district of Frederiksstaden in central Copenhagen.

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