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The Rosenborg castle is a renaissance castle located in central Copenhagen. It was built between 1606 and 1624 for King Christian IV by the architects Bertel Lange and Hans van Steenwinckel the Younger.

The castle was used as a royal residence until 1710, and after that only twice as an emergency: first, when the Christiansborg castle burned down in 1794, and later when the British attacked Copenhagen in 1801.

On the third floor there is a long hall. It was initially intended to become a ballroom, but was used more as a Royal reception room, only in the later 19th century did it become known as the Knights Hall.

The castle is open to the public for tourists and it houses an impressive collection of royal artefacts and objects, including the Danish Crown jewels and a coronation carpet that was used only to crown Danish kings.

Very close to Rosenborg you can also find the Geological Museum, Statens Museum for Kunst and the Royal Lifeguard’s Barracks.

It is possible to visit this attraction while on the following tours:

Royal tour of Copenhagen

(entrance fee NOT included in the tour ticket)

entrance fee: 120 DKK

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